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Secretea, where we blend the rich history of Asian tea with modern culinary flair. Our mission is to redefine bubble tea by offering fresh milk options, housemade fruit teas, and a Secret Menu featuring monthly surprises.

Indulge in our signature Bunny drinks, adorned with adorable jelly bunnies, or try our innovative boba croissant—a toasted honey croissant filled with warm brown sugar boba and topped with savory cheese foam and cocoa powder.

At Secretea, customer satisfaction is paramount. Join us on a journey to elevate your bubble tea experience.

Our ingredients

Tea plantation

All kinds of tea are only picked in the current season of the countries, with strict screening, and excellent quality.

Most of the original tea is imported from Taiwan, which has a maritime climate, a mild climate all year round, sufficient rainfall and acidic soil, providing a unique living condition for the growth of tea trees. The star original tea of Secretea is the champion Hongyuhong tea, and the tea field is on the mountains at high altitude, with few diseases and pests, no pesticides, pure natural and dense vegetation, and in the environment with fresh fruits rounded all year round, the tea leaves can better absorb the natural floral and fruit aroma.

All ingredients and fruits are purchased on the same day, organic and fresh, giving you a healthy and high-quality taste experience.

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Fresh Milk Tea

Fresh Fruit Tea

Flavor “Dirty” Milk

Seasonal Drinks

Croissant Sandwich

Secret Coffee

Cold Brewed Tea

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Our Loved Words

I had seen this place on Tik Tok and was hoping to try the Ramen Boba that people posted about but I didn't see it there at the time. I ordered an Osmanthus Oolong Tea with Boba and Strawberry Heart Jelly. The strawberry hearts are my absolute favorite and not everywhere offers it so I had to include some in my drink. It was very refreshing and not too sweet. The boba had the perfect texture and consistency. The barista was very nice and the store was so cute and I loved the bearbrick at the entrance. Definitely one of my favorite boba shops in the area now! :)

The cutest Fall drinks found here at @SecreTeaDC

Start your day off with Boba or Tea this season with these drinks~

Blood bag (secret flavor)

Witches dream (fresh taro and secret milk)

‍Vampire bite (mango and grape juice with passion fruit popping boba)

Pumpkin Harvest

(Brown Sugar Boba with Pumpkin Spice)

‍Frankenstein (taro and matcha milk tea)

This is my go-to spot for bubble tea/boba whenever I'm by the Foggy Bottom/ GWU area!

SecreTea has a special place in my heart, since they have such cute pastries and tea recipes. I love the decor of the place too, and their teas are always so good. I will usually switch it up each time I go here, so it's always a fun and refreshing surprise to see what I end up selecting!

The staff are also super nice and helpful on explaining things, and if you ever get their bunny toppings, don't forget to record a video of their jiggles!

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Can’t Be A Secret.

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